A relative has died overseas. What should I do?

When you are dealing with the death of a loved one overseas you should contact their insurance company first. They may be able to take care of all the arrangements for you if they are unable to help then you should find an International Funeral Director who will give you all the details and help you may need. You can also contact the British Embassy in the country they may also be able to assist in appointing an International Funeral Director.

Can I carry my loved one’s ashes onboard an aeroplane?

You may be able to take care of any help through the insurance company or the Embassy, we will be able to assist you directly.

In many cases Ashes can be carried in the passenger hold of an aircraft but you must check with the airline directly.

Cremated remains can either put in the hold or your hand luggage. You must carry with you a Certificate of Death issued by the country you are leaving.  You must ensure the remains are sealed in a container or box. If you carry this in your hand luggage you will still have to go through airport security and this container or box will have to go through an x-ray machine. Therefore, the container or box must be made of a material that doesn’t prevent the x-ray machine from doing it job.

Can I travel on the same flight as my loved one?

This is possible, but you must make arrangements with your Funeral Director and insure your loved one is booked on the plane before you buy your tickets.    

Do I require a Funeral Director to arrange a Repatriation?

Only Funeral Directors can issue a Funeral Directors Declaration, one of the required documents for Repatriation. Funeral Directors are also able to arrange other required documentation.