Our Mission Statement

Repatriation Services Trust (REST) aim is to assist with financial help and give support to bereaved families by repatriating their loved one(s) who have died abroad in sudden or tragic circumstances back home to Wales.

Our Objectives

  • For the public benefit, to deliver the prompt provision of advice and financial assistance, above and beyond that provided by the statutory authorities, to people who have no immediate monetary means to repatriate back to the UK speedily the bodies of immediate family members stranded abroad.
  • To maintain the Trust as a permanent legacy of Thomas Owen Bassett.
  • To support the Trust through on-going fundraising activities.
  • To recruit members, supporters and sponsers of the Trust to develop, expand and support its purposes and ideals


  1. Aid is only available to cover costs of repatriation back home to Wales.
  2. Financial aid will only be paid directly to your chosen repatriation company.
  3. Financial aid will only be paid for repatriation costs.
  4. Aid would be granted in good faith. In order for us to help others, we would ask for the recipient to fundraise to return the money back.
  5. Financial support is at the discretion of the Trustees.